Ceramic Coatings

XPEL FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating Application

Seal Every Surface From The Elements

A ceramic coating using XPEL FUSION PLUS is the best solution for sealing surfaces permanently at a molecular level. A professional ceramic coating by Awesome Auto Accessories will seal every micro-pore in the surface treated. This is turn will keep the surface from staining or absorbing contaminants.
Advances in nano-technology over the last decade have brought us paint coating solutions that far exceed the protection and durability that can be achieved with traditional natural car waxes and synthetic paint sealers. These are commonly known as ceramic coatings. However, just like any tech or product, there are good ones and there are imitators. At Awesome Auto Accessories in Texas City, TX we use the industry leader in paint protection – XPEL. XPEL FUSION PLUS is the most technologically advanced ceramic coating and also the only coating approved to be used over XPEL paint protection film. XPEL is a company that has the resources to develop the most advanced product as compared to a slew of small companies that cannot come close in quality and durability. A ceramic coating based on XPEL FUSION PLUS installed on your car, truck or SUV by Awesome Auto Accessories guarantees a level of contaminant protection, hydrophobicity and durability that is unparalleled. This is literally cutting edge technology that is designed to be permanent. We cannot recommend it enough. For one, you never have to wax your car again. Cleaning your vehicle becomes a quicker and easier task given dirt, grime, bugs and bird dropping do not stick to the paint. Your paint will look newer for much longer thanks this technology. We even offer formulas specially formulated for exterior parts like rubber trim, plastics and glass. For your vehicle interior we offer solutions for leather, vinyl, plastic and fabric. Never wax your vehicle again!
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Hydrophobic Ceramic Coating
Hydrophobic and Contaminant Shedding

Super Easy To Clean

A vehicle coated with a professional ceramic coating like XPEL FUSION PLUS becomes hydrophobic and dirt shedding. The paint is fully sealed down to the smallest micro-pore. This makes it so that a simply wipe-down with a quick detailer is really all you need to keep it clean. If a full wash is needed, you will notice that the vehicle is much easier to clean.
For All Surfaces

We Ceramic Coat Vehicle Interiors

Our ceramic coating of choice, XPEL FUSION PLUS exists in various formulas created for use on many different substrates. This means we have formulas specially designed for the various materials found inside a vehicle’s cabin. Say goodbye to coffee, soda, salt and dirt stains. Every part of your vehicle can be coated and protected.
Ford F-150 XPEL FUSION PLUS Interior Ceramic Coatings
Never Wax Your Vehicle Again

What Makes a FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating So Great?

The most important thing to consider in regards to XPEL FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coatings is that the coating is permanent. With only a short yearly maintenance schedule for the coating to rejuvenate it, your vehicle’s paint will be protected for the long term. There is no need to wax your vehicle. In fact, wax won’t even stick to the coating anyway, so there’s no point in trying to wax it.
Long Term Protection

Long Term Protection

XPEL FUSION PLUS ceramic coatings installed by Awesome Auto Accessories are designed to be long term solutions for protecting your vehicle’s original paint. The coating fuses with the substrate at a molecular level.

Hydrophobic Qualities

Hydrophobic Qualities

The ceramic coating features a very tight molecular structure thanks to its nano-ceramic composition. This means the surface tension is greatly reduced. The surface will effectively repel water and any fluids.

Increased Surface Strength

Increased Surface Strength

A FUSION PLUS ceramic coating is stronger and harder than vehicle paint after it has cured. This increases the surface strength and resistance to scratching. The coating itself requires minimal maintenance.

Contaminant Protection

Contaminant Protection

Given how tough our ceramic coatings are, they resists harmful chemicals. Acids are one of the biggest threats to paint, and the coating resists those very well. Insects decomposition on the surface exposes paint to acids.

Faster Cleaning Times

Faster Cleaning Times

Slick paint is much easier to clean. Since a ceramic coating will seal off any micro-pores in the paint, the surface becomes extremely slick. This makes it so that dirt and grime cannot stick to the surface.

Preserve Vehicle Value

Preserve Vehicle Value

Paint that has been protected with a ceramic coating will simply look much better years down the line. It’s a long term investment. When it’s time to sell the vehicle, it can easily command a higher resale price.

Ford F-250 Ceramic Coating in Texas
PPF Plus a Ceramic Coating

Paint Protection Film Coated with Ceramic

Most paint protection films can and should be coated with ceramic. In fact, XPEL FUSION PLUS is specially designed to work well with XPEL’s paint protection film. It can also be used over other PPFs. Ceramic coating your paint protection film is a great way to help keep the PPF clean and slick. It can even extends the film usable life.
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Ceramic Coating Frequently Asked Questions

At Awesome Auto Accessories we get asked about XPEL FUSION PLUS ceramic coatings often. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that might help clear some doubts.

A ceramic coating such as XPEL FUSION PLUS is designed to be permanent. After it cures, the coating becomes a permanent, strong and flexible shield for your paint. It can only be removed with abrasion – meaning, by polishing with a coarse polishing compound. That said, the uppermost exposed part of the coating can lose slickness over time. This doesn’t mean the coating has gone away. It’s still there, it’s just not quite as slick as it used to be. That’s the reason that we recommend a yearly maintenance schedule simply to re-coat the very top of it to maintain the hydrophobic is super slick qualities.

At the time of this writing, XPEL FUSION PLUS ceramic coating is warranted for a period of 8 years when installed by an authorized dealer such as Awesome Auto Accessories. This warranty is of course tied to a proper maintenance schedule. Note that this warranty period could change without notice. Please check the XPEL warranty page for the latest warranty information.

Actually, almost everything. The most common surface that we coat is paint. However, we have specific formulas for things like PPF, exterior plastics and rubbers. We have glass coatings to help keep your windshield clean and shedding water. We have coatings for wheels and calipers as well. For the interior of your vehicle we have formulas to coat interior leather, vinyl, plastic and fabrics. In short, almost every part of your vehicle can be coated to keep it clean and rejecting dirt, fluids and stains.
So here’s the thing. After you car, truck or SUV is ceramic coated, there’s no need to ever wax it again. You can try and wax it if you want, and it’ll feel “waxed.” However, given the surface is so slick, the wax doesn’t stick and it’ll come right off. The idea behind a ceramic coating is that you don’t ever have to use carnauba wax or synthetic paint sealers ever again.
Yes it’s safe. A ceramic coating is great on aftermarket paint. We ofter advise customers to not put paint protection film (PPF) on aftermarket paint – or least be aware of the risks. Aftermarket paint is not as well fused to the substrate as factory paint and upon removal, PPF can sometimes lift non-factory paint. However, a ceramic coating is not like this. In fact, a ceramic coating can be greatly beneficial to aftermarket paint. We do recommend you allow at least a month or two for the paint to cure and out-gas before coating it.

Do You Want Your Vehicle To Be Easy to Keep Clean?

Make your vehicle easy to clean. Protect your paint and vehicle’s appearance with the latest in nano-technology. Wax is a thing of past.