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Spray-On Protection for Trucks and Jeeps

A spray on bed liner is a great option for many truck owners. It’s often a preferred method of protecting and improving the durabiltiy of the surface of a truck bed. For one, it can increase space to an extent given it’s lower-profile than a molded plastic bed liner. Oftentimes, a truck owner might not like or even find a molded plastic bed liner for a particular truck. In this case, a spray-on bed liner is a great option. Awesome Auto Accessories has applied quality spray-on bed liners for trucks in Galveston County for over 20 years.

Spray On Armadillo Bed Liners - Texas City, TX

We are proud installers of Marvel Industrial Coatings Armadillo Liners – These are the industry leaders in spray on heavy duty coating protection.

Spray on bedliners are considered by some to be superior to plastic molded bed-liners. We use the latest tech imdustrial-level in spray on bed liners. Additionally, given the spray-on protection will conform to the surface perfectly, it’s often used for more than just truck bed linings. We often coat offroad armor parts like aftermarket offroad bumpers, bull bars, undercarriage parts, and more. Awesome Auto Accessories is proud to help outfit the vehicles for the oil refineries in Texas with coated body armor.

Serious offroaders driving Jeeps and other lifted vehicles often like to have the lower portions of the truck’s body sprayed with protective coatings in order to better fend the harsh environment of serious wheeling expeditions. Our spray-on protective coatings are also a great way to prevent corrosion. Our bedliners are comprised of premium polyurea. They offer superior adhesion and durability. Not only that, but they look great given their superior texture. They remain looking this way due to their great UV stability.

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Serious Protection

Reject Damage

Spray-on protection, be it for truck beds or body armor, can help make sure your truck is up for whatever tough job you need. This kind of protection ensures that you can properly use your truck as a working tool or offroad vehicle, while still protecting it from damage. Our spray-on bedliners are also very resistant to UV radiation. They will remain black for years to come.
Best Option for Surface Conforming Heavy-Duty Protection

What's So Great About Spray-On Bed Liners?

Spray-on bedliners are an excellent alternative to molded plastic ones when the ultimate in protection and durability is needed. This kind of protection is also great for coating areas that need some form of conformal layer. Check out some of the benefits below.
Conforms to Any Surface

Conforms to Any Surface

Spray-on bed liners and spray-on body protection is the ideal solution for when you need to coat an area that has a complicated, irregular or elaborate shape.

Ultimate Durability

Ultimate Durability

The proven technology in the composition of our spray-on coatings results in the most durable and reliable protection available for tough jobs such as truck beds.

Ultimate UV Resistance

Amazing UV Resistance

Our spray-on coating feature extreme UV stability. This means that they won’t break down, crack or fade in the sun and look great for many years to come.

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Protection For Glossy Paint

Glossy Protection For Paint

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You’re considering a spray-on bed liner and possibly body spray-on protection for heavy duty use. But what about the glossy areas? It’s possible to spot treat certain areas of a vehicle with something like a spray-on heavy-duty coating while protecting glossy areas such as the hood, roof and side panels of a vehicle with something that looks just like original paint. That’s where XPEL paint protection film comes in. This is the best product to protect paint, while maintaining the factory appearance.

Do You Want a High End Spray-On Bed Liner or Body Protection?

If you’re interested in a spray-on bed liner for your truck or need specialty spot protection for your Jeep or off-road vehicle, please don’t hesitate to request a free quote. In the end, it’s up to you to decide.