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Paint Correction Services in Texas City
Paint Correction

We Make Your Paint Looks Its Best

At Awesome Auto Accessories we can polish your vehicle’s paint to look the best it has ever looked. We are experts at removing imperfections, hazing, swirls and scratches. This is also a necessary step before applying a ceramic coating in order to seal in a perfect finish.
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The process of paint correction is one that Awesome Auto Accessories takes very seriously. Generally people forget about the importance of paint correction. Usually people gravitate immediately to protecting paint with PPF or a ceramic coating. At home-garage level, the obvious is carnauba wax applied to paint regardless of condition. The thing is, even new cars with factory-fresh paint still need some level of paint correction. Oftentimes, companies that transport cars from factory to dealer inadvertently put light scratches and swirls into new paint. Luxury cars are often covered for transport. This is great because it protects the car from big scratches and paint chips, but the cover itself puts swirls into the paint. At Awesome Auto Accessories we’ll take your factory paint to perfection before applying any protection product.

The service of paint correction covers not only swirl and scratch removal but also decontamination. It is imperative that paint be decontaminated before receiving a layer of paint protection film or a ceramic coating. You do not want impurities sealed in with the paint protection service. Going back to the topic of transport, many cars travel via rail to their final destinations. Rail dust from the friction between the train wheels and railway can often be found in the micro-pores of paint. This rail dust is mostly composed of iron, which oxidizes really badly. You definitely don’t want iron deposits in your paint. We recommend a full decontamination of factory paint on all new vehicles, followed by paint correction and lastly a paint protection product such as paint protection film or a ceramic coating.

Don’t settle for imperfect paint. Let the pros at Awesome Auto Accessories elevate the quality of your vehicle’s finish today. We guarantee you will be happy with the results. Contact us today for a free estimate and you’ll be one step closer to perfect paint.

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Remove Paint Imperfections

Paint That Shines Deep

You don’t have to live with most scratches and swirls in your vehicle’s paint. Even if your vehicle is older and it has some imperfections that go deeper than the paint, we can still improve it substantially. You’d be surprised at what we can do to correct paint. We can even help minimize the appearance of existing rock chips.
Optimized Paint Correction

Customized Polishing For Your Specific Needs

At Awesome Auto Accessories we carefully inspect your vehicle’s paint and clearcoat to determine how much compounding should be done. We can even measure to see if deep scratches can be fully removed, or at least minimized. We use cutting edge tools and decades of knowledge when assessing your vehicle’s paint and during the actual process of paint correction. Every vehicle is different and every correction project needs to be customized to suit.
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Next Level Paint Correction

What Makes Paint Correction So Beneficial?

The finish on vehicle can be improved. Yes, even on new ones. The fact of the matter is that even on new vehicles, the paint from the factory oftentimes arrives blemished or contaminated. At Awesome Auto Accessories in Texas City, we can help with that.
Appearance Improvements

Appearance Improvements

A professional paint correction job will improve the appearance of a vehicle tenfold. A reduction in scratches, swirls and haze will no doubt make a vehicle look much better.

Ceramic Coat Prep

Ceramic Coating Preparation

Paint correction is a necessary process required before the application of a ceramic coating. Since a ceramic coating seals the finish, you need it to be perfect before coating.

Increased Value

Increased Value

Whether or not you’re planning on selling, a vehicle with corrected paint will look and show better. This in turn will improve its value and desirability as compared to others.

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Ceramic Coat to Seal

Lock In Your Perfect Paint

After a paint correction project is completed we highly recommend you have it sealed with an XPEL FUSION PLUS ceramic coating. Yes, you can keep it up fairly OK with proper car care and carnauba wax. However, that’s not really going to seal in the look long enough. In order to prevent new scratches, contamination and an undoing of corrected paint, you really want a proper and strong coating that’s meant to last.
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Are You Ready For Paint You Can Be Proud Of?

Let’s take care of that paint and get it looking the best it has every looked!