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At Awesome Auto Accessories we often like to refer to our shop as “Awesome Truck Accessories!” The fact of the matter is, our bread and butter is trucks. We carry and install a complete line of truck enhancement accessories for the likes of Ford F-150, Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra, Dodge RAM and all the variants. We alsop have a very loyal fanbase for accessorizing the Toyota Tacoma and Tundra, as well as Nissan Frontier and Titan. And let’s not forget Jeeps. Our vast selection of Jeep upgrades cannot be ignored. Come enhance your offroad vehicle today!

Truck Accessories by Awesome Auto Accessories

Awesome Auto Accessories carries and installs truck accessories from the best brands in the world. Some of our major suppliers include Ranch Hand, Westin, Decked, UWS, Bushwacker, WeatherTech and Bed Rug among many more. We install the most reliable tow-hitch solutions from Draw-Tite and B&W. Additionally, we have plenty of amazing options in our offroad light-bar department. We have offerings for roof mounted, roll bar mounted and bull bar mounted lights. We also include mounting solutions for offroad winches, front and rear offroad bumpers, rock sliders and armor. We can truly elevate the performance of your offroader.

If you like a wide stance, we offer Bushwacker fenders to widen the look of your truck when running wider wheels and tires. Our bed liner department will also happily spray your Bushwacker fenders with Armadillo Spray-On Liners. This is a very common upgrade for those that take offroading seriously. We also spray Armadillo Liners on front and rear bumpers or around the entire lower area of your truck’s body. In essence, we are able to take your truck to the level you want it. We offer complete solutions that will allow you to make the most our of your vehicle. Let’s not forget our very varied collection of lights, tonneau covers, storage solutions, and more.

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The Most Complete Line Of Accessories

A very important consideration when planning the upgrades to your truck is to consider your ultimate goals… Not simply what you’re planning to do right now. By planning your entire build, you can better select the parts you’ll need. It really helps when your supplier can provide everything you need in one place. It’ll save you time trying to collect accessories from different sources and you’ll also end up with a more cohesive build. Awesome Auto Accessories has everything you need.
Take Your Investment to the Next Level

Double The Utility of Your Truck Today

Trucks are utility vehicles we enjoy daily, and use for work, daily. From factory though, a truck can only do so much. At Awesome Auto Accessories we pride ourselves in increasing and improving the utility of your truck. Our job is to fine-tune it and customize it to be exactly what you need. Whether it’s to better make it a useful work truck, a hunting companion or simply a more appropiate tool for enjoying your weekend, we can make it happen.
Biggest Selection of Parts

Biggest Selection of Parts

Awesome Auto Accessories has the largest selection of truck accessories, period. Not only that, but we carry the best brands. When you shop with us you know you’re only buying the best of the best.

On Location Installation

On Location Installation

We pride ourselves on the fact that we don’t just sell truck accessories. Our focus has always been on providing full service. That’s the reason we offer installation for all the accessories we sell.

Guaranteed Service

Guaranteed Work

All of our installation work is guaranteed to be done professionally and at the best level possible. Additionally, to give you peace of mind, our accessories come with the industry’s most competitive warranty policies.

We Carry An Extensive Line of The Best Truck Accessories

The Best Brands In The World

Awesome Auto Accessories in Texas City, Texas carries the world’s best truck accessory brands. Here are just some of our some from our varied list of brands.

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Finish Your Project Perfectly

Get Spray-On Liner For Bed or Off-Road Parts

At Awesome Auto Accessories we install spray-on bed liners. You can finish your build by having us spray your bed with what’s regarded to be a better solution than a plastic molded bed liner. We spray Marvel Industrial Coatings Armadillo Liners as we feel it’s the best spray-on heavy duty coating in the business. Additionally, you’re not tied to just spraying the bed. Many of our customers have us spray accessories like fenders, bull bars, bumpers and even lower parts of the truck body.

Friends Don't Let Friends Keep Their Trucks Stock!

A stock truck is a limited truck. Level up your truck today and take the chains off. Make it the truck you want it to be today with Awesome Auto Accessories.