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Paint Protection Film Installation

Self healing protection for your Vehicle

Awesome Auto Accessories installs the best technology in self-healing, paint protection film to ensure your vehicle continues looking like new. Our film of choice is XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS PPF. Our installation facilities are in Texas City, TX. We are a certified XPEL installer.

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You will often hear people recommend paint protection film to others when a new car is purchased. Experience is key. Those who know… know. The fact of the matter is that for many car and truck enthusiasts, once they discover the advantages of paint protection film they will never buy a new car and not add paint protection film to it. The level of protection it offers your new vehicle is unmatched by any other product. A ceramic coating offers pretty good paint protection. Heck, even traditional carnauba wax is good for providing some level of chemical protection. However, none of these methods come close to the protection you get from paint protection film, otherwise known as “PPF” and more more traditionally, “Clear Bra” as referred to when only the front of the of the car is protected.

Awesome Auto Accessories in Texas City, Texas installs the number one paint protection film in the world — XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS Paint Protection Film. This is the only product in the world that will self-heal if inflicted with light scratches. It will also reject impact from rocks, gravel and pebbles typical to freeways, to prevent chipping of your perfect brand new paint. The film protects from UV damage, road salt, insect and bug decay, tar, and a multitude of other road hazards. If you get hit by a shopping car in a parking lot, the film will prevent the paint from scratching off. If there is a dent left behind from it, it can easily be fixed with paintless dent repaid (PDR) preventing the large expense of a paint re-spray. Not only that, but re-spraying a vehicle, or sections of a vehicle affects its value negatively.

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Installing XPEL Paint Protection Film in Texas City Texas
Invisible Self-Healing Protection

Reject Scratches

XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS Paint Protection Film by Awesome Auto Accessories provides mane levels of paint protection. The film self-heals from scratches with just sunlight. It rejects impacts from gravel. The film also resists acids, tar, oils and all kinds of contaminants.
The Best Option To Prevent Paint Damage

What's So Amazing About XPEL Paint Protection Film?

The technology behind XPEL paint protection film has increased dramatically over the last few decades. Today’s modern XPEL films perform better than ever. Self-healing is flawless and the protection it offers paint is unparalleled. Additionally, the film is now so dependable that warranty periods for it are at an all time high.
Number One Solution

Number One Solution

PPF is the absolute best solution for protecting vehicle paint. There are other solutions out there, but non offer the kind of protection paint protection film provides.

Protect From Scratches

Protect From Scratches

XPEL paint protection film is the ideal solution to protect paint from everyday hazards that can scratch your vehicle. Keys, belt buckles and shopping carts are no match.

Protect From Rock Chips

Protect From Rock Chips

Rock strikes at freeway speeds cause the most damage to front-facing paint over time. PPF eliminates this kind of damage as pebbles and gravel simply bounce off.

Chemical Resistance

Chemical Resistance

Many road chemicals can damage and etch your vehicle’s paint. XPEL PPF resists these chemicals much better than paint can and can prevent unsightly damage.

Self Healing

Self Healing Film

XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS paint protection film is self-healing. This means that light scratches inflicted upon the film simple self-head and disappear with heat exposure to the sun.

Long Term Solution

Long Term Protection

XPEL PPF comes with a 12-year warranty. Paint protection film is an investment that will provide long-term reliable protection and save you money in the long run.

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Ceramic Coat Your Paint Protection Film

Maintain Your PPF With a FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating

XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS paint protection film comes pre-coated from factory. However, you can increase the water and dirt shedding capabilities by layering XPEL FUSION PLUS ceramic coating over it. More importantly however, we do recommend you refresh the top layer of the paint protection film by re-coating it periodically with XPEL FUSION PLUS to help maintain the film and make cleaning easy. XPEL FUSION PLUS is the only ceramic coating approve to be used over XPEL paint protection film and it allows your PPF warranty to remain active.
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Paint Protection Film Specialists

Frequently Asked Questions

We get more questions about paint protection film than for any other service. Let’s go over some of the most common PPF questions.
Warranty policies can often vary between paint protection film manufacturers. That said, most top quality films these days carry at least 10 or 12 years worth of warranty. Our film of choice, XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS paint protection film comes with a 12-year warranty at the time of this writing. Check the XPEL Warranty Policy for up-to-date information regarding warranty on all their products. In regards to our work, it is 100% guaranteed to be done right.
Paints used on modern vehicles have some advantages over classic paints, but also a few drawbacks. The top surface of modern paints don’t tend to fade or discolor as much given that they are protected by a clear-coat, where many traditional paints were only one stage paints and often bleed or discolor over time. Additionally, the bond to the substrate can be better these days given a lot of these new paints are often baked on allowing for a durable bond. This is one reason modern paints don’t tend to flake off when they get older. They rather fail as the clear-coat fails and get spotty with imperfections. The one big downside of modern paints however is that as they have become more environmentally-friendly, they have also become softer. This means that modern paints can generally chip more easily from rock strikes. This is one big reason by adding paint protection film over moderns paints is so beneficial.
Gloss paint protection film like XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS is going to be easier to maintain as you can layer on thicker ceramic coating protection making it easier to keep clean. Overall, stuff tends to stick to matte finishes more than gloss finishes. Matte paint protection film these days, such as XPEL STEALTH paint protection film is just about as good as ULTIMATE PLUS gloss PPF in regards to reliability and warranty. However, you do have to be more careful with it. You also can’t go so thick a ceramic coating over it in order to preserve its matte look. You can coat it, but you can’t layer it quite as much. That all said, if you like the matte look, it’s much better to go with STEALTH PPF than matte paint. STEALH PPF gives you the matte paint look without the hassles of matte paint.
Yes, you can use synthetic paint sealers or natural car waxes over paint protection film. However, given PPF is so technologically advanced, we prefer to recommend the use of technologically advanced solutions for maintaining it. For this reason, we recommend you add a refresher ceramic coating of XPEL FUSION PLUS over the PPF once a year. That’ll give you the most performance and will save you from having to wax every month. XPEL FUSION PLUS is the only approved coating to use over XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS paint protection film in order to preserve your films warranty.
It’s possible to remove PPF. We normally and very carefully steam it to remove it. Generally, it’s not necessary to remove it if it’s well taken care of. However, it’s possible that a prospect buyer might request it removed in order to inspect the paint below it before buying the vehicle. Additionally, if a panel of PPF is damaged to where the film is damaged, but the paint isn’t, removing that layer of PPF would be needed in order to re-apply a new section. We recommend using PPF only over factory paint. You can apply it over aftermarket paint, but given aftermarket paint doesn’t bond to the surface nearly as well, there is a possibility the PPF can pull the aftermarket paint off when removed.

Protect Your Investment With the Ultimate Paint Protection Tech

There is simply no better solution for preserving factory paint and protecting it from rock chips and scratches. If you like the look of a new car or truck, what you want is self-healing paint protection film.