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Reduce Heat & Glare Inside Your Vehicle

Awesome Auto Accessories installs the best quality window tint for all vehicles in Texas City, Texas and Galveston, Texas. We are a proud XPEL dealer and our focus is on installing the most technologically advanced IR blocking window film. Our main window film is XPEL PRIME XR PLUS. It can achieve great heat reduction even if you choose a lighter shade.
Window tint is by far the number one vehicle enhancement. Many new car owners, the second they buy a car – new or used, have it tinted right away. This is the case everywhere, but much more so in a hot sunny state like Texas. We offer many automotive upgrade services here at Awesome Auto Accessories. Yet, window tint is still one of our busiest services. Not a single day passes by where there isn’t a car, truck or SUV at our shop getting window tint installation. We are leaders in window tinting near Galveston Texas. We have many customers that bring their cars to our shop in Texas City from far, because they trust our work. Technology has come a long way when it comes to window tint film. Modern films like XPEL PRIME XR PLUS rely on nano-ceramic particles to filter infrared (IR) light which is what causes the excessive heat inside your vehicle. The film also filters out almost all UV radiation. Due to XPEL PRIME XR PLUS not using metallic particles or the dye itself to filter IR heat, you can get the same amount of amazing heat reduction even in the lightest shades of tint. Industry leading warranty is included with all our window tint films and our work is 100% guaranteed. The benefits of window tint for your vehicle far exceed looks alone.
XPEL PRIME XR PLUS window tint film is the number one IR-blocking window film in the world. This film comes with a lifetime warranty that guarantees it will not fade, bubble, peel or crack. XPEL PRIME XR PLUS blocks infrared heat and filters UV light by the implementation of nano-technology using ceramic particles. This makes it so that cell phone reception isn’t degraded – something that can happen with older metallic particle films. You can achieve the most advanced heat filtration with any tint VLT shade. You do not have to go dark just to achieve heat and UV filtration. The actual shade percentage of the film is there for you to fine tune glare as well as how much you want to control being able to see into your vehicle.
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Exactly The Way You Want IT

Fine Tune The Look You Want Front to Back

With Awesome Auto Accessories you can customize your vehicle’s look with window tint just the want you want it. We can easily mix and match shades so that you can darken the cargo or passenger areas. You can achieve the right look, block heat and protect your skin and your vehicle’s interior from UV damage.
Block Heat and Look Cool

Infrared Heat Blocking Tech

Our industry-leading XPEL PRIME XR PLUS window tint is excellent at blocking heat from entering your vehicle. It uses the latest in nano-technology for light filtration. We also offer color stable options that still do a great job at blocking heat and look great!
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Our Window Tint Films Are Not Like The Films of the Past

What’s So Great About IR-Blocking Window Tint Film?

It’s impossible not to notice just how much heat is reduced inside your vehicle when your windows have IR film. It’s that dramatic. You know how you can feel the sun burning your skin on a hot day right through the glass? That feeling completely goes away when you filter sunlight with IR-blocking window film.
Look Awesome

Look Awesome

Let’s face it. We can talk to you about reducing heat and UV radiation all day long. The main reason people tint their cars is because they look awesome. You know you want to.

Reduce Heat

Reduce Heat

Nobody likes a hot car. Not only that, but your AC doesn’t have to work as hard if less heat gets in. Block that heat today with our IR nano-ceramic technology window film.

Dark or Light Tint

Light or Dark

You are not forced to using dark tint in order to get the best heat blocking properties. With our top of the line window tint, you can get the same benefits even if you like clear film.

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High Tech Window Film

What Makes XPEL PRIME XR PLUS So Advanced

Watch this video about XPEL PRIME XR PLUS Window Film to find out what makes this technologically-packed window film so great.

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Window Tinting Experience

Frequently Asked Questions About Window Tint

Window tint is a very commonly known vehicle enhancement. However, we do get a lot of questions about this service. We’ll go ahead and list some here.
Modern window film is designed to conform to the compound curves of large windows. This makes it possible to tint really large windows, such as windshields on sports cars, with a single piece of film. This means there are no seams to speak of. The process of heat-forming window film to a windshield before installation is a one that requires a lot of skill and experience. Awesome Auto Accessories has been installing window tint professionally for many years. We’ve seen every type of windshield imaginable and have no problems doing a perfect professional job on any of them.
Our XPEL film of choice comes with a lifetime warranty for the film itself. If it fails, we will replace it. Our work is also guaranteed. That all said, generally, once the film has been installed and it looks perfect, it just takes a few days to set. During this time you have to be careful not to roll down the windows, and avoid touching the film or wiping it down. After that dry period, if all looks good, this is normally how it stays. XPEL window film is very reliable and the chances of something actually going wrong with it are very low.
Nope! Darker tint will not get you better heat control. Darker tint will reduce glare and visual light transmission. However, the actual shade of the tint doesn’t really affect the heat filtering. The reason is, the active materials that do the IR filtering are actually invisible. They are ceramic nano-particles that are infused within the film. These particles are designed to reflect infrared light back out and not allow it to penetrate the surface. Given these particles are transparent, the actual shade of the tint doesn’t matter.

Control Heat Inside Your Vehicle and Get the Best Looks

Awesome Auto Accessories has the window tint solution that’s right for you. Get a free quote from us today and you’ll be a step closer to a cooler vehicle.